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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Mar 31, 2002  1:26 am
Subject:  Re: Bible work started

SignWriting List
March 30, 2002

Pastor Ron Dettloff of the Deaf Church wrote:
>Our church has begun working on ASL translations. It is too big of a
>project for one church alone. Please check out our web site and perhaps we
>could help each other.

Hello Pastor Dettloff -
I am glad you posted this message. And I can see you asked for
different churches to help...which is wonderful! I agree that since
you already have the SignBible Web Site in SignWriting, with so many
verses translated, that your work could combine with other groups to
make a true translation team. Helping each other in such a large task
could be a blessing, because it will give different translations and
dialects of American Sign Language a chance to flourish.

So some of the other groups who want to translate the Bible, such as
Regina Brooks' group in Arizona, and Frederick Rewkowski in North
Carolina...I hope you will contact Pastor Ron:

Pastor Ron Dettloff
The Deaf Church in Michigan

Jerry Spillman, Webmaster

SignBible Site:

And by the way, the work that Deaf Church in Michigan is doing is
quite historic. The fact that around 50 to 100 Deaf people read
verses in SignWriting at the Deaf Church in Michigan on a regular
basis and that the Deaf members who normally do not read a spoken
language, are reading SignWriting in a Bible Study, is really
noteworthy. I feel this shows that SignWriting is becoming a true
writing system...

And ironically, Nicaraguan Deaf people who attend the Escuelita de
Bluefields know more SignWriting than the Deaf people in the United
States. In the past, here in the US, there was so much controversy
and arguments against trying to write American Sign Language, that
very few Deaf people even know SignWriting exists in the
thank you, Pastor Ron, for pioneering SignWriting in my own country!

And Happy Holidays, everyone- I wish you all peace! Val ;-)

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