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From:  Dan Parvaz
Date:  Sun Mar 31, 2002  2:48 am
Subject:  Re: Bible work started

> Please do not use this list to air YOUR prejudices.

Oh, quit hyperventilating. Everybody airs their prejudices; it's one of
the few things we do that is interesting.

> Pastor Dettloff was simply addressing the persons on the list who
would be particularly
> interested in the text he is presenting.

And everyone else, where they believe as he does or not. You want a
Fundamentalist/Evangelical/whatever SW list? Fine. Set one up.

I do believe I was hyperventilating. Sigh. :-)

Actually, there are those of us who are *not* of Pastor Ron's particular
brand of Christianity (i.e, not "fellow believers") who are still
interested in his translation project, both for technical purposes and
for the possible implications of this single written translation. So
here are some questions:

1. The folks at Deaf Missions have been working on a translation of the
Hebrew Bible and the Christian New Testament into what is sometimes
pretty idiomatic ASL. While they have taken some liberties with the text
(God in the person of Bob Alcorn creating the stars by blowing sparkly
stuff into the heavens comes to mind), it is arguably done from the best
original-language material we have (albeit via intermediate English
texts). So why a translation from the King James Version, for Pete's

[for non-Anglophones, the King James Version of the Bible was
translated in 1611, and is
considered by many to have the most beautiful language of any English
translation. The downside
is that older source texts have been found, and English has actually
moved on in the interim. The
nearest equivalents I can think of are the Louis Segond translation in
French or the Luther Bibel in

2. What will the structure of the translation teams (if any!) look like?
Who will work on Quality Control, and to what extent will their biases
be made clear (as in YOUR GOVERNMENT ESTABLISH for "Thy kingdom come")
to those who will be the final consumers of the translation?

3. What effect might this printed text have on freezing liturgical
language based in Judeo/Christian scripture (e.g., the Lord's Prayer,
the 23rd Psalm), and what will the procedure be for standardizing
terminology and handling variant readings? Related to item 2: will there
be any attempt, therefore, to make this an ecumenical effort?

4. It sounds cool: Open-source translation! Okay that wasn't a
question -- so sue me.



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