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Date:  Fri Apr 5, 2002  6:06 pm
Subject:  Re: survey

 Regarding Pastor Ron's Explanation...
Oh...I completely understand now.  That would be a big effort but if he left the surveys out on a table somewhere in the church and briefly explained it, then those that can read (I think the survey is around a 4/5th grade reading level) can pick one up.  Those that cannot read, well those individuals would be the most interesting to study and its too bad that I have a restriction on time.  For those individuals, I think it is best to have them answer the survey as well and have them returned to me late.  Those responses could be used in a follow up on my study.  I suppose, I should not have assumed all would know how to read English!  I believe most of my population have a high school degree so should be able to answer this survey.  Thank you Val for clearing that up for me.
Hill ;)

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