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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Thu Apr 11, 2002  10:29 am
Subject:  Re: Eliciting Sign Language data

Well, I remember in my total immersion American Sign Language class we were
given objects (a ball, various tinkertoys, various objects in a room) and
asked to describe them using only sign language. This elicited a lot of
gesture, mime, and slowly defined ASL that was gramattically shaped by
ongoing discussion with our teacher. Picture cards could work the same way.
Humans have the amazing capacity to create stories so having multiple
picture cards and asking the group to "create a story" using them all, I
would think, would elicit "grammar" and "morphology" from context.

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From: Maria Azzopardi
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 6:28 AM
Subject: Eliciting Sign Language data

> Dear list,
> Does anybody out there know of any resources that can be used for
> eliciting sign language data?
> So far I've used picture stories, which have helped to provide very rich
> data. However I would like to try out something new-such as picture
> cards.
> The thing is, I intend to focus on the verbal morphology of LSM so maybe
> picture cards are not suitable for this.
> Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated,
> Grazzi :O)
> -maria

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