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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Apr 15, 2002  1:53 am
Subject:  Re: congratulations, Valerie!

SignWriting List
April 14, 2002

Fernando in Brazil wrote:
>Congratulations for the wonderful article published on the New York Times,
>Valerie! The whole crew is very proud of this new outstanding
>accomplishment of
>yours, which will help spreading the sign about SignWriting! Fernando & crew

Thank you, Fernando and crew! I am sorry that there was no mention of
your wonderful Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary...I did tell the
reporter about it....The article was re-submitted four times over
several years...The writer interviewed many people. But in the end
she focused on one human interest story of one hearing mother with a
profoundly born-deaf daughter in Michigan. Today I called the mother,
Dawn McReynolds, and she told me that in the past two years her
daughter's understanding of English has not only increased because of
SignWriting, but her vocalization has even improved. SignWriting
really built her self-esteem I learned something
from the article myself...Dawn feels strongly that there is a direct
link between SignWriting and her daughter's academic success...

Here in the US we have had very little newspaper coverage about
SignWriting, so I hope this will start a change towards more public

I hope your new publications are going well, Fernando -
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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