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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Wed Apr 17, 2002  12:35 pm
Subject:  Japanese SW Fingerspelling Fonts

Wow! Thanks for all your work on fonts.

> Now Michael is working on the Japanese Fingerspelling Font. It is a
> complicated keyboard because of the way they type in Japan, so we are
> not quite done with that yet...and it may take some time before it is
> ready.

Keep up the good work. My "student" of SW will be passing me up soon, I
think, and ready to try her hand at SignWriter even though it's in English.
So we're cheering for you, though I cannot imagine the difficulties
programmers face. I have enough trouble just *using* the programs!!

I saw something the other day in the Spanish SW book that gave me an idea
of how the fingerspelling for "KI" could be improved, but it wasn't in the
fingerspelling portion of "505", (though the directions in "505"seemed like
Spanish to my untrained eye). If you press the "C" and then the "A" in the
Sign mode, take out the middle and ring finger, and add an index finger
straight up, that would be exactly right for the Japanese "KI". Until now
we've been using the ASL "O" with index and baby fingers up, which is close
in actuality, but the improvement would be a bit closer in actuality, and
much improved conceptually--that is, it fits much better how Deaf people
here percieve the handshape they're displaying.

I hope this is understandable.

Thanks for all your work,


Mark Penner
Tokyo, Japan

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