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From:  Cheryl Zapien
Date:  Wed Dec 16, 1998  2:37 pm
Subject:  Re: Religious SignWriting (Word List - Long)

Because those of us who are in Deaf ministry of any sort would find this
information extreeeeemely useful This information is not as easily acquired
as you might think--yes there are some in-house signs, but I can't tell you
how often I could have used such a "dictionary" to enhance my ecclesiastical
vocabulary--often there is shared vocabulary between different religious
groups. Cheryl

Harry Blackmore wrote:

> Why would we need special categories of SignWriting symbols
> for arcane and esoteric subjects? Surely, each group of adherents
> to whatever religious faith (or none) develops their own in-house
> signs - for each of which a corresponding SW symbol naturally
> follows.
> In the list of religious terms offered, many are in Sign Dictionaries
> (whether ASL, BSL or whatever Sign system - in my case, AUSLAN) but, even
> so, different denominations have sign
> variants for the same terms.
> Harry Blackmore
> (Lecturer in Deaf Studies and
> Australian Sign Language - AUSLAN)
> Dr Harry Blackmore
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