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From:  "Maryann, Carrie Barth"
Date:  Thu Dec 17, 1998  12:26 am
Subject:  Re: Dreams for SW

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> >I think we all understand each other, perhaps, Valerie. I guess I got
> >the impression that eventually, through the hard work of all of us, we
> >would be trying to cooperatively create the world's largest and most
> >complete dictionary of sign language, in one coherent uniform system.
> >Maybe it's just a dream of mine got away.
> Charles Butler
> __________________________
> Hello Charles and thanks for your messages. Several of us have been
> mentioning our dreams for SignWriting lately, haven't we?!
> And your dream is a wonderful one - "the world's largest and most complete
> dictionary of sign language". That would be a big undertaking, but you
> know, if you and others would like to build bigger and better dictionaries
> I am all for it, and will give all the moral support I can :-)
> Writing systems usually take centuries to become established, and in 25
> years we are trying to achieve the same result. We need to take one step at
> a time.
> I my case, my dream is to make sure that our writing system is a good one -
> that it matches the languages it writes, that it is easy for children to
> read and write, that it is inspiring and easy to learn, and that it is a
> true written form for all signed languages. That is a tall order for a
> small, nonprofit organization.
> Today I heard that we may receive some funding, small though it may be. Of
> course, for us, it will be wonderful!! I received a phone call stating that
> funding was coming, but they did not tell me exactly how much! So let us
> cross our fingers. If we receive it, it will support the five new schools
> who participate in the SignWriting Literacy Project in 1999, plus the five
> other groups already involved.
> So although I doubt if our organization will ever publish the largest
> dictionary on sign language, I hope I can provide the software, the books
> and the videos that will assist other groups to do the job.
> So please don't give up your dream, Charles - your dreams are needed :-)
> Valerie :-)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Valerie Sutton at the DAC
> Deaf Action Committee for SW
> SignWriting
> Center For Sutton Movement Writing
> an educational nonprofit organization
> Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Please remove my name from SignWriting List

thank you

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