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From:  Kelsey Wille
Date:  Fri Dec 18, 1998  3:44 am
Subject:  Information

Hi! My name is Kelsey Wille and I just joined this list so this is all
of new to me. I'm a student at Logan High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
I'm 15 years old and I have been signing for 10 years now. (I am hearing.)
I've been planning to become an interpreter and I already am working as an
assistant to one of the interpreters at my school during my study halls. I
have many deaf friends and I've stayed interested because of the magic I see
in sign language every time I talk to them. I love sign language and I want
to devote my life to it because of this. One of the interpreters at my school
brought up Sign Writing. She told me about how she visited the site and told
me to check it out. I did and found it very interesting.
I have to do a project for a contest in my history class. The project
supposed to be on Inventions, Technology, and things like that. I asked my
teacher if I could use Sign Writing as my topic. He thought it was a
wonderful idea as long as I could get enough information. So I want to ask
anyone who has used this to give me your opinions on it and share stories or
ideas about it. I need as much information as I can possibly get. I am going
to order the lessons to learn Sign Writing but I have not gotten around to it
yet. So any suggestions or insights would be very much appreciated. If there
is somewhere you know of that I could also find information please tell me. I
am also looking for a school around my area (on the western edge of the state-
on the Mississippi River, a little south of the Midwestern part of the state)
that uses Sign Writing. So any ideas or information?
Thank you!
Kelsey Wille
You can contact me...
1. through here
2. at
3. at Kelsey Wille
3112 Edgewater Dr.
La Crosse, WI 54603
4. at (608) 781-1945 (voice)

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