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From:  Cheryl Zapien
Date:  Fri Dec 18, 1998  1:06 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriter Shareware


Thank you, Valerie. I think the concern is not just the issue of compatability,
but also whether we have room on the hard drive. I will keep you updated.
would be helpful is if you could tell me how much space Signwriter needs to
Hugs, Cheryl

Valerie Sutton wrote:

> >Sounds great!! I'm the only SignWriter in our household so it needs to wait
> > until
> >our computer can handle some of the stuff Valerie has generously allowed us
> >download. *smile* Cheryl
> _____________________
> Hello friends -
> I am alive, but very tired and I have a great deal of mail and orders and
> no staff. As you know, I run everything myself. I hope in time we can raise
> enough funds to pay a staff again, but at this time it is not possible. We
> are all volunteer, and SignWriting is really spreading. A wonderful and
> interesting time for all of us. So that is why you don't always hear from
> me :-)
> Cheryl - In regards to SignWriter Shareware, it is an old piece of software
> that was actually designed for older computers. The new SignWriter 5.0 will
> be for fancier computers, but the shareware should be just fine for your
> computer. I run it on an old AST 486 sx that we have in our office. It was
> made for the old days! And we have run it on 286's also, so there generally
> should be no problem. The biggest problem people have with the shareware is
> printing, but for the internet you don't need to print anyway, if you are
> making .GIF files.
> It can even print out on the old Epson dot matrix printers, so there is
> hope for you using it.
> Perhaps you are having problems downloading it? If so, I can send you a
> shareware disk snail mail.
> In regards to USA dictionaries - the shareware includes a 3100 ASL sign
> dictionary. So if you already have the shareware, you already have quite a
> large dictionary to work with. (Caroline...if you are reading
> already have a big dictionary :-)!!
> Of course, it is not a dictionary of religious signs - but it has general
> signs used in ASL. It needs to be updated and improved and added to, but it
> is something to start with anyway!
> So for anyone who wants to download the shareware, try this page:
> Download Shareware
> Nice to be in touch with you all again -
> All my best -
> Valerie :-)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Valerie Sutton at the DAC
> Deaf Action Committee for SW
> SignWriting
> Center For Sutton Movement Writing
> an educational nonprofit organization
> Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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