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From:  Neil Bauman
Date:  Fri Dec 18, 1998  3:45 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting "Sister Sites"

Hi Valerie & group:

>I like your idea, Carlos, about the word "Club" as a part of the name of
>another web site that uses SignWriting. Somehow a "Club" sounds like "fun",
>and that differentiates it from the official SignWriting Web Site. So I
>suggested some of these names to Caroline awhile back:
>SignWriting ClubSite
>SignWriting GameSite
>SignWriting FunSite!
>SignWriting PuzzleSite

Please be aware of what the initials look like. For example if we abbreviated
the SignWriting Club to SWC then you would have exactly the same initials as
the SayWhat Club to which hundreds and hundreds of hard of hearing people
worldwide belong to (myself included). And that could lead to a lot of
confusion--not the least of which when doing a web search.

That said--I like having the word club in there too. But let's be sure our
abbreviation is unique and not easily confused with other HOH groups.

>I am writing to ask the SignWriting List...How do you all feel about having
>another web site that uses SignWriting? Do you like the idea, or would you
>prefer just one SignWriting Web Site? What is best for the writing system,
>and for all of you?

Let's have more web sites. First, only one web-site gives the impression that
it is a "one-man" effort. Having several websites shows that the idea is
getting popular. Second, there is so much information becoming available on
current website that it is time for a second website so a new browser doesn't
get lost just hunting for information there.


Neil Bauman
Box 1233
Three Hills, Alberta CANADA T0M 2A0

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