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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jan 5, 1999  3:01 am
Subject:  Re: newbee :-)

>Hi everybody out there!
>I am new on the list and I'd like to introduce myself. I am a student of
>sign language at the University of Hamburg, Germany. I have been interested
>in the notation of signed languages ever since I started university four
>years ago and have, for the past two-and-a-half years, been working in one
>of the projects in our department. We have worked on a dictionary for
>technical terms in the field of joinery and one of my tasks was to
>supervise HamNoSys transcription and to transcribe all of our glosses for
>the book and the CD-ROM version.
>I'd of course like to get to know more about different systems as so far I
>only know a little of the adapted version of Stokoe-Notation in the BSL
>Dictionary and pits and pieces of various other systems, such as
>Enough? Enough.
>Universität Hamburg

Hello Susanne :-)
Welcome to the SignWriting List! We look forward to hearing more about your

I have always been impressed with the library on the web from the
University of Hamburg, directed by Librarian Guido Joachim, and of course,
Professor Prillwitz.

Perhaps our SW List members would enjoy visiting their excellent Sign
Language Research Library? Go to:

Universität Hamburg, Zentrum Für
Deutsche Gebärdensprache, BIBLIOTHEK

They have quite an extensive listing of SignWriting publications.....29 to
be exact. Actually we have several hundred publications, but Guido listed
some I had actually forgotten!! So he informed me of my own work, which
made me smile. I wrote to him to thank him, because I think they should be
commended for their hard work. Establishing an extensive research library
is not an easy task.

Actually we have quite a number of new publications since my contact with
Guido. I wonder if Guido would list them? We are building a library of Sign
Language Literature, authored by several different people, written in
several different signed languages in SignWriting. If you have contact with
him, please tell him and also tell me, how I can go about informing the
library to update the listing. Many thanks!

Hamburg is one of my favorite cities! I used to visit Hamburg when I worked
in Copenhagen back in 1974. I was teaching the Royal Danish Ballet at the
time, and they considered using DanceWriting at the Hamburg Opera Ballet,
so my visits to Hamburg were DanceWriting related. That same year, I
started SignWriting at the University of Copenhagen. Then years later, in
1982, the Danish School System started using SignWriting throughout the
country. And research began on writing Danish Sign Language at the Deaf
Center for Total Kommunikation in Copenhagen. Researchers from the Danish
Deaf Center visited the University of Hamburg in regards to SignWriting, so
we have an intertwining history. I have an article written in Danish about
their visit to Hamburg, if you would like it - but of course I have to find
it first - ha! I am not sure what year it was, but it was in the late
1980's, I believe.

You can read about SignWriting's early history in Denmark on our web site:

SignWriting Begins In Denmark
The Early Years
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