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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Tue Jan 5, 1999  5:46 am

Hi Jerry

Jerry wrote:
This is only my uneducated opinion, but I think any of us who are
involved in sign language are Bilingual. Bi meaning two and lingual
meaning languages, my mind forces me to think that yes, we are involved
in a form of Bilingualism. We are dealing with two groups of people,
those who are, and have been forever deaf, and those who are hearing.
In order for us to communicate with each other, we must, then, learn
each other's language. It has become my philosophy, then, that since I
use American English and American Sign Language, I should learn to write
the American Sign Language in the format readable by the deaf
(SignWriting), as well as I can write in American English, readable to
those who will communicate in American English. That would mean that I
have learned two language systems, and therefore, qualify as Bilingual.

Yes, I understand what you mean. But if the deaf person or deaf family only
use ASL when they been grew up that way. So There is only one language. Of
course, they have to learn America English because it is for hearing world.
That what I think.


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