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From:  Lourdes Tollette
Date:  Tue Jan 5, 1999  6:43 pm


Carlos wrote:

The role of SW in Bilingualism is that SW could enforce SL learning, giving
Deaf people a "more complete"* language because they could have writen
literature, between other things. It is also probably that for any person
easy to learn to write and read in their own language before learning to
and read in a foreign language, then SW could help for Deaf children to
to read and write before they learn how to read and write in English,
Spanish or whatever.

Yes, You right!!

I am deaf and grew up oral school ( Boston School for the Deaf) but Most
deaf people in my school are hiding place somewhere so we can use basic ASL
that we are not suppose to do that. When I first learn ASL and I say wow it
is so easy to understand and lose interesting in English language. Because
this school is only oral and no ASL at all. My school teaching us to learn
very strong English. We all deaf have trouble with that because We use ASL
and strong English together. That can confuse us. (So my feeling that they
should teaching ASL first when we are little from 1 grade to 5 grade then
start learn in English from 6 grade to high school.) When We reach High
School and start allow to ASL and go to deaf club and social with deaf
people. We (deaf) learn so fast and so much easier to understand ASL than
straight English. When I see that and I prefer ASL if I need interpreter or
commutation with deaf people. I don't want English sign because it really
confuse me. Some deaf people and some interpreter not know ASL and only
sign English. I have allot patient with them and ask allot, like what is
that mean or what? or ask them to explain to me easy.

I want to tell you little bit about me, I was born Puerto Rico, know
speaking Spanish and came to New York, not knowing speak English. My parent
put me to Oral school for deaf. The teacher found out that I only speaking
Spanish so they tried to teach me learning in English. So I did learn
English but still put in Spanish with English all together and it was all
messing up. Because when I was little and not understand thought that both
languages are suppose to be in one language. I don t know what it is mean
English and Spanish. The teacher talk to my parent and told them not to
teach me in Spanish at home or whatever because it will be very confuse for
me. So They want me to learn in English only. When I grew older and
understand both language are different. Now I don't know how to speaking
Spanish or writing in spanish anymore. I was kinda disappointment. But that
is ok! ;-)

I have seen several deaf people grew up in hearing school on their life.
And never see ASL. So they are very strong English than us who we been grew
up with ASL.. so Deaf people will have a problem to learn ASL for the first
time when they are older. And I was told that they prefer to stay with
English not ASL since they are deaf who been grow up in hearing school.

Excue me, I talk too much this.

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