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From:  Bill Reese
Date:  Thu Jan 7, 1999  5:27 am
Subject:  Re: bye-bye lingual

Joe - You are saying that how you write it down has nothing to do with
the language? Ok, I see your point. We can't be bilingual by knowing
the language, vocal or visual, and also the written system that
represents this language. The written system, being a representation of
the language, is not the language itself anymore than an actor is the
character in a play. The only exception to this would be a written
system that is not a representation of either a vocal or a visual
language. I don't know of any so I would suppose that's a moot point.

But I suppose you would agree that signwriting is not a different "type"
of writing, as you stated before, but, rather, a writing system similar
to Kanji?

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