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From:  The Watsons
Date:  Fri Jan 8, 1999  2:32 am
Subject:  Re: SignWriting In Bi-Bi Education

Valerie Sutton wrote:

January 7, 1999
>Hi Shiona -
>I really enjoyed this message and we are glad to hear from you after such a
>long time! How is your Deaf son doing? I hope well :-)
>And what about the schools for the deaf in Canada? How many use the "Bi-Bi
>Educational Approach"? And is your son attending such a school?
>I remember you talked to your school about using SignWriting. What happened
>Valerie :-)

Hi Valerie,

There used to be 3 Provincial schools for the Deaf all using the "bi-bi"
approach, but one of the schools has been phased out and the kids moved to the
school my son is going to. I understand that eventually Paul Cowley's school in
London (The Robart's School) will be moved to the Milton Campus also. (Our
school is The EC Drury School)

At Michael's school the "bi-bi" programme used to be optional, but as far as I'm
aware it is now all that is offered, which is a positive thing. The children
are exposed to a lot of English writing, but all communication is in ASL. mikey
is just 3, but every week at least once, he has "show and sign" and every
Friday is ASL language arts day, when the kids share stories and sometimes
skits in ASL. At Christmas, Mikey's Nursery class did a little play for all the
parent's. I have tried to get the teacher interested in SIgnWriting but she is
very opposed. I plan to sneak some stuff in via "show & sign" days, but maybe I
am just too naughty!

The kids are getting an excellent start with language, it is just a question of
time before we can convince the school tha SignWriting is valuable. I am
continuing to use it at home, and hope that I will be able to teach some to
Mikey before he is in a formal reading programme at school.


Ian and Shiona Watson
Acton, Ontario

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