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From:  James Womack
Date:  Fri May 15, 1998  3:53 am
Subject:  Re: Clarification of Standardisation of ASL

On Thu, 14 May 1998 20:12:55 -0400 The Watsons writes:
>While I am glad that my original posting got everyone to think about
>the value of ASL as a language as well as on a personal level, I should
>clarify a major point. I was talking about standardising the written
>not the signed form. I inadvertently upset at least one person, for
which I=
> apologise.

Stop apologizing. If folks are so hypersensitive they bleed everytime
disagrees with them maybe they should stop communicating

Standardize the written form? That makes more sense except the
written form is supposed to parallel usage. Still, the idea is not
that bad. I think in a sense Valerie and others work is pretty much
along those lines right now. SW is still developing, you know.

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