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From:  Lauren Ultis-Joslyn
Date:  Tue Jan 19, 1999  10:23 am
Subject:  Re: Valentine's Word Search Puzzle (NEW)

Caroline, I went to your site and I really liked it! But I had problems with
the Valentine Word seach, it wasnt completely loaded right. I tried again and
it still wouldn't come up on the screen only half of the words 'Valentine'.

I loved the animation signwriting! That it is even easier to understand and
easy to learn that way! Valerie, do you have something like that in your
website for lessons? I have some material that a friend of mine brought from
you a while back. She lets me borrow it to look at it. Me and my friend,
Francis (also one of your list members) looked over it.

Caroline, keep up the good work! Makes me feel like a kid again! LOL :-)
And Valerie, don't work yourself too hard!


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