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From:  Trevor Jenkins
Date:  Fri Jan 22, 1999  6:31 pm
Subject:  Porting Project(s)

Valerie and I have been discussing the possibility of porting SignWriter
4.3 to Windows NT 4.0. My job gives me access to many NT machines plus I
have a suitable compiler. The purpose of this project is *not* to reprogram
SignWriter for NT but rather to make it work. It is more of a fix than a
true port and should be seen as a stop-gap until such time as SignWriter 5
is ready. I anticipate that the bulk of this work will involve rewriting
the module(s) that access the video hardware directly. This may result in a
reduction in speed but hopefully the penalty will not be too great.

Once this task is complete I'll be looking into porting SignWriter 4.3 to
the Psion Series 3/3a palmtops. This might not be a viable port so don't
hold your breath. ;-) For those who don't know about the Psion palmtop
imagine a device about the size of a GameBoy but with a traditional
keyboard. There's another project I have in mind but that's really
speculative plus I've not spoken to Valerie about it.

When the NT 4 (and the possible Psion) project is complete I'll make the
finished programs available as part of the SignWriter 4.3 shareware
initiative. Announcements as to location of files will be made through this

Regards, Trevor


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