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From:  Val Forbes
Date:  Mon Feb 1, 1999  12:54 am
Subject:  Re: About Sign Dic...


I've just come back from leave and have not yet gone through all the
postings that have accumulated. But I thought I'd reply to the sign
dictionary item:

Since 1997 we have been fortunate to have Auslan (Australian Sign
Language) on cd-rom. There are over 4000 signs, each with its own
video! As well as the two-handed alphabet (like British Sign
Language), it also illustrates the ASL and Irish one-handed
alphabets. You can also test yourself reading fingerspelt words a 3
different speeds. Words can be looked up in English and also by sign.
The latter is done by first selecting from one-handed, two-handed or
double-handed signs, then by handshape, then location. One or more
matches come up. There is also a section on deaf history, and a
comparison between English and Auslan.

This is only a brief overview of the Auslan dictionary, which also
exists in print form. I will be looking with great interest at the
Sign Dic Computer Program!

Val Forbes

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