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From:  Alice Rose
Date:  Fri May 15, 1998  6:19 pm
Subject:  Re: Question To The List

An effective method on other lists has been to immediately post a *short*
request that people only post related to the list topic(s). If the same
person offends more than once, they can be warned that they will be dropped
from the list, and then dropped if the problem persists.

9:32 AM 5/15/98, Valerie Sutton wrote:
>Good Morning Everyone!
>I consider all of us a I am writing to ask your feelings on
>Before, because I manually ran the old SignWriting Email List, I
>automatically filtered messages out, that were not specifically related to
>Now we are a public list - it sure is different, isn't it?! So I am writing
>to ask all of you what our policy should be? I noticed that we received two
>public postings today, that were not specific to SignWriting. So I am
>wondering what your feelings are about this? There may be nothing we can do
>about it...but I thought I would ask you this question anyway :-)
>Valerie Sutton :-)
>Sutton at the DAC
>Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
>Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA
>(619)456-0098 voice
>(619)456-0010 tty
>(619)456-0020 fax


Alice Rose
ProgressWorks, 2190 Grove Street, Suite 12, San Francisco, CA 94117

Student in the Joint Doctoral Program in Special Education
of the University of California-Berkeley and San Francisco State University


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