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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Mon Feb 1, 1999  11:40 pm
Subject:  Pen Pals

Hi list;
A while back we talked about sending letters written by hand in
SignWriting. Since then I have exchanged letters with one other person,
and it worked really well. It was a thrill to get a letter all written in
Signwriting, believe me! It would be nice to get more of these letters :-)
so if anyone wants to practice, I will be happy to answer their letters in
I am not the best signer, not an expert by any means, but I am
"conversant" in ASL. I am Hearing, more or less, learned to sign in
College. I am also just learning signwriting, like most of us here. I am
an older student at Western Washington University In Bellingham WA, with a
degree in Linguistics, now studying Anthropology and going camping a lot
here in the Northwest. I like kids, and was a teacher for a long time, so
I identify some with those raising children, and would be happy to get
kid's letters! :-) In order for Signwriting to work, we need to use it,
right?? --so let's!!!

My address is:

Joe Martin
814 Lakeway #147
Bellingham, WA

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