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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Sat Jan 30, 1999  2:19 pm
Subject:  Re: Notation Systes for machine processing

> We need a notation system, easily machine prosesable, that shows the
> main features of a sign/word and that could be easily render into an
> animation or into SignWriting printing.
> Any sugestions?
Looking at the several presentations of Sign Writing as an animated
form, I think that Sign Writing, more than many others, would work
easily. Because of the machine processing of the symbols of sign
writing (which by necessity contain location, rotation, orientation,
palm facing, movement, facial expression, etc.) I believe that if you
contacted the others on this list who are beginning to do small
experiments in Sign Writing animation, that it would be viable.

I am excited to see this kind of a breakthrough in LSC. With Brazilian,
and Spanish, and Nicaraguan sign going on line, this is wonderful.

Charles Butler

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