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From:  Val Forbes
Date:  Thu Feb 4, 1999  12:05 am
Subject:  Re: Auslan cd-rom

Dear all,

I may have misled some of you with my brief description of the Auslan
dictionary on cd-rom. There aren't any videotapes separate from the
cd-rom, but video sequences are included in the cd-rom itself. So,
when you type in an English word, the resulting screen includes, in
addition to written information about the sign, an animated "video"
(my terminology might be wrong here!) of a person, not a cartoon,
performing the sign. From this point you can view the sign again,
and also in slow motion. So the more than 4000 video clips I referred
to are incorporated right in the cd-rom itself.

Another feature which I didn't mention was that it includes the usage
of the signs around Australia - yes, there are Auslan dialects and
regional variations! So you'll often see a few different signs for
the same English concept, and a small map of Australia on the screen
shows the states where a particular sign is used.

Val Forbes

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