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From:  Michael Everson
Date:  Fri Feb 5, 1999  7:24 pm
Subject:  Re: SW Site Improvements


Valerie said:

>So I got it down to 10 icons ...before there were more than 20! Do you feel
>this is an improvement?

Yes, it is.

>When you click on "About SignWriting" do you find what you expect?

What I really would like is a complete repertoire of the characters used.

But there's a reason I want that: SignWriting looks like a fairly mature
writing system, and it could be a candidate for encoding in the Universal
Character Set (ISO/IEC 10646 or Unicode).

I can explain a great more about this, but if you go to my web site you can
see under "Standardization" a lot of proposals to encode some of the
world's scripts in the UCS. Of some interest may be the preliminary
proposal to encode Blissymbols, a symbolic graphic language which is used
by non-speaking people, for instance, those with severe cerebral palsy and
the like. The UCS already contains Braille, and many, many of the world's
writing systems. I've been looking at SignWriting and HamNoSys, both of
which look quite complex and efficient. BSL also has its own notation, used
in the big dictionary.

It may be that technical discussion of this nature is not part of this
forum's usual content. One can talk off line of course too.

I was interested to learn that Valerie just got a package from Ireland. I'm
Irish national representative to the ISO committee responsible for the

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