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English Translation

The Runaway
by Gabriel Tollette

The Runaway
A colt's story

Who are these people and where will they go,
how will I survive in this very thick snow.
There is so much I cannot see,
will this blizzard cover me.
Is it north, south, east, or west,
well, whatever the way, I'll try my best,
it's been a long day,
so I think I'll rest.
Is this the end,
will someone else play this song again,
I think fate has finally pulled me in.
Yes, I have found a bin,
but they might not let me in.
Well, they will let me in and when they do,
I'll take off my shoes,
and stuff my face till I'm thick again.
Now I'm on my way,
I think I'll be ok,
well at least for today.

Gabriel Tollette

Gabriel Tollette
A Note From The Author....

My mother is deaf and has been learning SignWriting. She teaches me on how to signwrite. I am enjoying SignWriting. It is fun to learn. I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. Most of my teachers like the poem and they want to put it in the newspaper.

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Gabriel Tollette

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