Expressive Viewpoint
When you look at the sign above, do not think of a person facing you. Yes...I know! It looks like the person is facing you, because you can see the smile on the face :-)

BUT... actually, the sign is written from the signer's perspective. Pretend that you are standing behind another person signing, and you are copying what that person signs. You can feel the facial expression yourself. Your right hand is on the right side of your head, just as it is written to the right of the facial circle above. This is called the Expressive Viewpoint.

The Facial Expression
The circle represents the head and face. The eyebrows are up and the person is smiling. The index finger is pointing to the right side of the head.

The "I Love You" Handshape
The square is a fist. The lines extending from the square are the fingers. The thumb, index and baby fingers extend. The square is white because the signer sees his or her own palm. Whenever you see a "white" handshape, it means you are seeing the palm of your hand, or the palm of your hand is facing your chest.

Movement Loops Down
A double-stemmed arrow shows movement that is up or down. In this case, it makes a loop, while it moves down. The solid arrowhead means that the movement is done with the right hand.