Won't SignWriting Take Time From
Learning To Read & Write English?

One More Thing To Learn!

My personal experience, when teaching children, is that children start to read signs quite quickly, and they oftentimes teach the adults, who can be skeptical and frightened of it.

SignWriting seems to help Deaf kids learn to read English words faster. That is why we started the SignWriting Literacy Project - to study this issue to see if this is true for other teachers too.

Having a written form for both languages can be useful in a bilingual, bicultural setting - at least from my experience.

It is my guess that people learn their second language faster, if they have a written form for it, and the reverse is true too...people learn their second language faster, if their NATIVE language has a written form. Perhaps this is because both languages need an equal foundation so that the learner can compare both languages equally.

Valerie Sutton



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Valerie Sutton


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