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From: Tini Pel <tinipel@ONLINK.NET>
Date: Sat Jan 11, 2003
Subject: SignWriting in 2002


Hello Valerie!

You ask us to write a report summarizing the use of Sign Writing in 2002. Well in comparison to others it might be very little but here it is. Sign Writing has been used along side a video tape for an Art Exhibition by Ann Cunningham. I have done the Sign writing transcription from the video tape for her.

Through transcribing several poems for the poem website of Jerry Spillman, I have learned a lot with the help of Stefan Woehrmann. I am still in the process of introducing it to the deaf and Hard of hearing in our neighbourhood. Most of them are already expressing themselves in their second language, French or English and are not to much interested in learning Sign Writing. I think, life is so busy ,they do not have enough time to really sit down and have a good look at it. Since I am not a professional school teacher I do not get in touch with deaf and hard of hearing students in the school system were they are trying to teach the children to speak or learn to write in English or French. Along the Sign Language I am teaching Sign Writing to our students of L.I.F.E.

It became easier when we were donated a computer. We are now working on a "book". The children are writing there own stories in SignWriting. We hope by the end of our sessions in May 2003 to have something to show you. With the help of Stefan we have made posters of the name signs of some of the students. You may remember the smiling pictures we have send you after they were finished.


SignWriting has helped me to learn more vocabulary in ASL. It has also enriched my life with the corresponding of more people and the children of other schools, specially during 9-11 when the children of New Mexico and Germany were corresponding with our children.

My wish is, if that could be continued. What do you think Teachers or parents? Could we start again. I know you all have to finish a curriculum at the end of a school year, but isn't this a GOOD practice for all of us, young and old alike?????? I am still in the process of finishing a translation in ASL and Sign writing, a children's bed time story and I hope to have it ready by this year. I like to close by saying, that it is so WONDERFUL to be in touch with you again Valerie. You have helped me so much during my days of the dance notation and now with the Sign Writing!!!! The above may not be a "historic documentation" Valerie but an expression of thankfulness for what you have done with your work!!!!


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