Colombian Deaf adults are beginning
to read, write and type signs...

SignWriting in Colombia
Writing Colombian Sign Language



Article by a Deaf Colombian
"Fundacion Arbol de Vida"
Logo de Evolucion Escritura
by Josue Cely Molkes (sordo)


Colombian Lessons Files
and Sign Language Literature
SGN and PDF formats.
Translated into Spanish and
Colombian Sign Language
by Hector Devias

Colombian Deaf People
Photos and SignWritten documents...

Download Complete Shareware
SignWriter 4.4 for Colombia

Colombian Sign Language and Fingerspelling, Colombian Keyboard, Prints on US Letter Size paper. Includes SignWriter Lesson & Help Files Translated Into Spanish & Colombian Sign Language by Hector Devia, in SignWriter and PDF formats.

About Hector Devias
...fulfilling a need for Spanish translations of SignWriting materials...

Colombian Cities in SignWriting
Hector wrote the name of every city on the map, in Colombian Sign Language, in SignWriting...Take a look!


For more information about
SignWriting in Colombia, contact:

Hector Devia

Josue Jacobo Cely Molkes

Instituto Nacional para Sordos (INSOR)

Carrera 47 #65A-28
Santa Fe de Bogotá, Colombia


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