"Fond Memories"
by Paulette Sottak, 1991

Recently, while cleaning out my clothes closet, I discovered pictures from my trip to Denmark (Spring, 1990). Looking through the pictures brought back many fond memories...


 Workshop Participants Copenhagen Spring 1990

Standing in the back row, left to right...Jan Backer (Netherlands), Odd-Inga Schroeder (Norway), Hank Buter (Netherlands), Kimmo Olavi Leinonen (Finland), Christian Hoybye (Denmark), Paulette Sottak (USA), Kati Marjanen & Anja Malm (Finland), and Ingvild Roald (Norway). Bottom row, left to right...Asle G. Karlsen (Norway), Valerie Sutton (USA), & Tomas Hedberg (Sweden). Missing from this picture are Liz Pyfers (Netherlands), and Finn Colov & Per Jespersen (Denmark).