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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jun 28, 2001  7:46 pm
Subject:  SignWritingSite on Brazilian TV!

SignWriting List
June 28, 2001

Dear SignWriting List Members:
Last night, our SignWritingSite was on Brazilian national television!

The TV interview was with Dr. Fernando Capovilla, the editor of the
Brazilian Sign Language Dictionary. Thank you, Fernando, for making
this happen ;-)

Here is Fernando's message to me:


Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2001
From: Fernando Capovilla
To: Valerie Sutton
Subject: report Brazilian Sign Dictionary

Dear Valerie,
Since the live interview of prime time national tv last night, the number
of requests has been enormous.

Last night your site was on air, live. 50% of everything I said
pertained to SignWriting.

Unfortunately, at the same time, there was a darn soccer game. And since
there was no previous call, I am not sure how large was the audience. I
hope there may be an increase of visits in your site over the next days.

In any event, everything went on very well. My interview was
simultaneously translated by one of the most popular and respected
interpreters in Brazil.

Thank you.

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