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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Fri Jul 13, 2001  2:21 pm
Subject:  Frustrations with Sutton!! ;-)


SignWriting List
July 13, 2001

Miguel From Bolivia wrote:
>I Was very exited to learn more about SW .... six months ago. Since then,
>when I wrote to you about programs that I need to have and had no answer. I
>don't know if it because is Bolivia or it is Miguel. I never received an
>answer. This was to present on my thesis in School Administration,
>improvements to the Administration & Educational Program in our Deaf School
>and at the church, the largest one for Deaf in Bolivia.

Miguel -
I am so sorry you had this frustration! I can certainly understand
how you feel. I am glad you told me too...because I do care very much
about Bolivia. I would feel very honored if your school is interested
in using SignWriting...that would be a blessing for me too, and for
the world at large.

Is this your correct street address?

Miguel A. Villarreal Camacho
Centro Cristiano Tecnico
Vocacional para Sordos Vinto
Km 19 carretera antigua Vinto
Cochabamba, BOLIVIA

or is the address?....

Miguel A. Villarreal Camacho
c/o Carachipampa Christian School
Cajón 736
Cochabamba Bolivia

I believe I sent you a packet of information on SignWriting in the
mail, about a year ago, and I am assuming you received that? If not,
I will be happy to send you that information again...If you need more
copies of literature I am always happy to send it too. People do need
to ask me though, because I work alone, and I am trying to give
regularly to around 24 countries. There are times when I get a little
confused! ;-)

I also owe an apology to Greece and Colombia! I am so sorry I have
not gotten to your wonderful files yet...

And Albuquerque, Spain and Japan are waiting for web postings as well...

So Bolivia, you are not alone in your complaints ;-)

I will continue this message soon - I want to find my correspondence
with Bolivia from the past!

Thanks again for writing, Miguel....

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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