The Learn To Read American Sign Language series is based on the video The SignWriting Children's Stories Series, signed in American Sign Language (ASL) by Deaf native signer Darline Clark Gunsauls. It is a different way to learn SignWriting. The lessons start with the first sentence in the children's story Goldilocks & The Three Bears. One video frame from each sign is "captured" from the video and placed in sequence down the page in vertical columns. Each sign is given a number, and the English "gloss" for each sign is written near the number of the sign.

Each sign is also written in SignWriting, placed side by side with the frame from the video. You can cover the frames, and just read the SignWriting. Certain signs keep repeating throughout the story and you may find yourself reading those signs without thinking. The sentences "fall into place" and suddenly you realize you are reading SignWriting.

The instruction manual Learn To Read American Sign Language coordinates with Goldilocks Storybooks, Levels 3 & 4, which are the Intermediate and Advanced levels. It serves as a step-by-step explanation of the signs written in the storybooks.

The SignWriting symbols in this manual are in different colors: