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Writing Facial Expressions
To write the eyes closed, a Facial Circle is written showing the lids curved down. See Figure 10.

Figure 10.

What About The Neck?
If you are contacting the neck, then the neck can be written. See Figure 11.

Figure 11.

The neck is only written when necessary.
It is not necessary in this case. There is no contact to the neck.

Face Direction Lines
The Face Direction Line is written on the Shoulder Line to indicate the direction of the nose. It shows the direction of your face.

You do not have to use the Face Direction Line. It is not required. However, it can be useful at times. See Figure 12.


Figure 12.

If the Face Direction Line is vertical in the center of the Shoulder Line, it tells the reader that the direction of the face is forward:

How do you write the Face Direction Line
plus a facial expression?

The Facial Circle is placed to the side of the figure.



The Face Direction Line is not a neck. It shows the direction of the nose.




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