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Teacher's Report

SignWriting In Nicaragua

Summer, 1996


Darline Clark Gunsauls teaching a Deaf child in Bluefields, Summer 1996.


August 7, 1996
San Diego, California

Hello Everyone!

Deaf children are using SignWriting in Bluefields, and I was their teacher. This report is a summary of my experiences, and the purpose of my trip to Nicaragua in the summer of 1996.

My name is Darline Clark, and I work with the Deaf Action Committee for Sign Writing (the DAC) in San Diego, California. I was born Deaf into an all Deaf family. My first native language is American Sign Language (ASL). English is my second language. I graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington DC with a major in Child Development. My work is now focused on SignWriting in Deaf Education. The DAC is sponsored by the Center for Sutton Movement Writing, a non-profit organization that began in California in 1974, directed by Valerie Sutton, the inventor of SignWriting.

Darline with a Deaf woman and her family in Managua.

The DAC sent me to Nicaragua to teach SignWriting to Deaf children in Bluefields. I was in Nicaragua for one month, from June 15th to July 17, 1996. Even though I am not there now, I would like to share my experiences with you. This could possibly be important for Deaf education and research.

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