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From:  James R Womack
Date:  Fri Feb 19, 1999  2:45 pm
Subject:  Re: Something different to share

On Thu, 18 Feb 1999 13:08:55 -0800 Valerie Sutton

>Hi James - Not only do I like what you said, but I love your
>signature...are those little stick figures? They look like little cheer

They are made with keyboard symbols. This kind of thing is
typical of Fidonet users. We invented such things.

>They are adorable and look very much like DanceWriting!

Thanks. I never thought of it that way. And you might have given me
a really far out idea. I will kick it around some and see if I can use
a regular keyboard to make such a thing.

>Yesterday I sent four copies of the SignWriter Computer Program, one
>copy of the Lessons In SignWriting Textbook and also the Lessons In SW
>Video Series to the Community College of South Nevada (CCSN) where James
>presently a professor. Each computer program package comes with a
>three-ringed notebook with five manuals. I print each manual myself,
>punch the holes, create the covers and put the books together. They are
>"hand made" books and a real labor of love.

My gosh, I did not realize that. Now, i will have to resist stealing them
keeping them as collector items. Thsi is sastonishing to say the least.

> And now they are even printed in color with my trusty color printer

I love those things so much I have three (all Canon) and plan to buy one
more ( another Canon).

>I am wondering if it would be possible to share some of those
>materials with the Las Vegas community? Would the college let schools
with Deaf
>children borrow or use the books and software? I have received
>several requests for free materials from groups in Nevada, and we are
out of
>funding at this time to help them. Meanwhile I know it takes time for
>the college to use the materials, and it would be a shame to have them
>in a corner unused for months at a time...just a this
>possible James?

Take them out, no, but you gave me an idea. I will work with the library
that seems
to love me so much about something like this. The language lab could do
it but they
use student helpers who change all the time so arenot concistent
but thelibrary, hmmmm. Thanks a lot Val, I will use part of my spring
break to work
on how to implement such an idea.

, ,
o/ James Womack \o ,
<| Don't mince words |> __o/
/ > Say what you really think! < \ __\__

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