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From:  cmf
Date:  Sun Feb 21, 1999  12:18 am
Subject:  Re: Reading age

Verify...scary term! OK when my formal proposal gets approved and set
into motion (phase one April 99) but in the meantime..what I
remember...this did happen..
Yes, I had a group of 4 DHH kids (ages 5 and 7)together talking about
'feelins' happy, sad, surprised, angry etc. A highly predictive activity
with character illustrations of those feelings, I held up a small
flashcard with the SW symbol for those feelings (one at a time) and the
5 year old (Deaf of Deaf) and one 7 year the symbols...signed
what they saw on the card and matched the card with the illustrations. I
did not offer any explanation re the symbol parts....and they read them
pretty quick...SAD and AFRAID. We're talking one 'sign' reading at a
time. When the 'surprise' SW symbol flashcard surfaced from the pile...I
did do some modeling of the two different handshapes...the same two kids
placed their hands on the card and completed the sign including
While the recognition of the SW symbol interests me, my inquiry will
focus on an affective response to reading/writing signs. I've been doing
this 'off the cuff' introducing of SW in the counseling context the kids
and I create. I'm not that comfortable making public these little
'stories' yet until I do get formal approval (UNM and APS)for my
research....I'm sure you understand.

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