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From:  "Karlin, Ben"
Date:  Tue Feb 23, 1999  3:46 pm
Subject:  Re: terms

This is ANOTHER tangential point but last fall I learned that in French Sign
Language (LSF) the sign for FRENCH as a nationality and FRENCH as a language
are different!

I also find it interesting that despite the push in ASL to adopt country
namesigns native to the country, we continue to use the sign ENGLAND instead
of their sign.

Ben Karlin, St Louis MO
> From: Carlos Thompson
> To: SignWriting List
> Subject: Re: terms
> Date: Tuesday, 23 February, 1999 7:32AM
> Joe Martin wrote:
> > This is a little off the point, but I don't know who else to ask; can
> > anyone tell me the "correct" name in Spanish for [sign language] and for
> > [signed spanish]. My question *is related to Sign Writing, ;-), cuz I'm
> > making a presentation in my spanish class and that is my topic.
> > heklp?
> Well. The terms I'm using are "lengua de señas" (señas = se~nas) for sign
> language, and "español signado" for signed Spanish.
> Not only are there differences in how a concept is called in Spain and
> Latinamerica but also between different countries or regions in the
> Americas. And politics have a role in it: la lengua de señas colombiana
> (LSC) is named that way because, after many other names it was decided
> fit what was meaned. Other names coud have been: lengua/lenguaje/idioma +
> signado/de señas/de signos/gestual (para/de sordos).
> (aware of the cognates: "idioma" and "lengua" means language, "lenguaje"
> means language capability).
> > Joe Martin
> > Plain old ordinary student
> > Top Left Corner, USA
> --
> Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón
> ITEC-Telecom, Colombia

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