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From:  Caroline Readman
Date:  Mon Apr 12, 1999  2:30 pm
Subject:  OT: Midwest Deaf Education

In a message dated 4/10/99, 11:21:23 PM, writes:
>hi every one i have written to all of you before asking for information
>on Deaf Education majors and where i could possibly recieve one in the
>mid-west well in my last e-mail i told you alittle about my self but i
>was in a hurry so here name is erica mackenzie ward, i
>am 16 i'll be 17 in two monthes, i am an ASL student at Bemidji High
>School, i am in soccer and I am a wrestling cheerleader, I am involved
>with my church youth group, there are 5 people in my family my parents
>and my brother (younger) and my sister (older), my favorite color is
>orange i listen to all sorts of music i have country, alternative and
>christian alternative CD's i am in choir at school well that is about
>it if anyone has any questions or comments or information on Deaf
>Education majors e-mail me and please on your 'subject line type 'SW-L'
>just so i know some one isn't just writing me or whatever
>thank you
>erica ward
><*}}}>< -peace-


I'm from Rockford, Illinois (Midwest area). Northern Illnois University
(NIU) have a good program in Deaf Education, Audiology, and Interpreting
Services. Definitely, you should check them out.

Also, some community colleges in Illinois have an "Interpreting Training
Program" (ITP) for those who wanted to become an interpreter for the deaf. I
believed you're into Deaf Education, so I won't tell you too much about this
topic. =)


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