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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Fri Apr 23, 1999  6:25 am
Subject:  Sign Writer from attachments instructions

All right: (this presumes a Windows driver and a mouse)

First, go to the attachment, hit the RIGHT button on your mouse to bring
up, "save file to:"

Whatever directory you are on should come up in a window. Change the
directory by going up to the box and searching for your SW directory,
wherever you set it up. Go to your SW subdirectory and save it there by
its original title

Now (i can do this, you may have to shut down at this point).

Go to your START button and open Programs and move the cursor over to
"Show DOS prompt" or words to that effect.

Once the screen has gone blank and brought you up to presumably C:>
prompt, hit: cd..SW which should bring your directory to C:\sw>
directory. Hit SW for Sign Writer program.

When the Sign Writer directory comes up, scroll down until you see the
title you just saved. Hit ALT-O (for open) and the file will open and
you can see what's there.

Hope that is clear to all. Any questions, write me again.

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