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From:  Nancy Sager
Date:  Mon Apr 26, 1999  7:21 pm
Subject:  Re: ASL Project

Hi, Samantha...I am a Deaf and Hard of Hearing Programs Consultant, and my
job is to provide information to the community about deaf education. There
are lots of books available about Deaf Culture and about different
communication methods used in deaf education. There is also a lot of
information on the internet. If you have a deaf access agency in your town,
they are a good place to get books, videotapes, etc. Let me know what I can
do to help. E-mail me or call me at 916-327-3868 (v/tty). Nancy Sager

>>> SGANOP 04/26 11:59 AM >>>
Hi! I am a high school student who is doign an project on the
communication methods and culture of the deaf community. I would like
to know more about your involement in the deaf community and if you
know of any available resources that would be helpful. Thanks!


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