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From:  "Wayne H. Smith"
Date:  Sun May 9, 1999  10:32 pm
Subject:  Do you know the reference, Dawn?

Dawn wrote:
"I did hear of a study involving hearing children of deaf adults. It
seems that children of deaf adults typically have better vocabularies than
their peers with hearing parents. Perhaps that shows the benefits of early
exposure to sign language."

Do you know who conducted that study? I just gave a presentation at
the Taipei School for the Deaf where I focused on the need to establish
LANGUAGE in Deaf children from an early age, preferably via ASL. With it as
a base, it would then be easier for them to build up second language ability
in Chinese at a later age. This type of research on hearing children is
exactly the point I was trying to make. Do you have the reference?

Wayne Smith

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