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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Tue May 19, 1998  11:53 pm
Subject:  Re: Introductions?

Karlin, Ben wrote:
> Alright, I stood up and told about myself. How about some of the rest
> of you taking your turns? Maybe Valerie should go next and the rest of
> you would follow suit. It isn't like we can just look around the room
> here or ask a friend to introduce us to each other. So far you all seem
> like charming people INCLUDING you non-prescriptive linguists.
> Ben Karlin / St Louis, MO USA

Ok, Ben, here's my hat in the ring. I became interested in sign writing
several months ago when I stumbled across the Web pages. I have
exchanged several messages with Valerie and found her to be supportive
and friendly to deal with. I have no fancy credentials, no college alma
mater, am just an interested friend. I am working to learn ASL and with
it SignWriting. At the same time, I am trying to learn HTML, or at
least enough to publish decent WEB pages. I found SignWriting (this
list) to be a friendly group, with none of the oh-poor-me attitudes that
happen sometimes among this type of discussion. I like the positive
attitudes of the educators and international persons represented here
and would like to encourage all to continue to share ideas and plans

Jerry Spillman
Salt Lake City, UT, USA

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