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From:  Joe Martin
Date:  Thu May 13, 1999  5:37 pm
Subject:  bible verses

Valerie; (and Lourdes;)
As you asked, I've been looking at the bible verse posted on the
website; this is how it seems to me.

It needs a break of some sort where the quotes are, but the quote marks
take care of that. English does the same thing occaisionally; we might
say, "They told me quote NO unquote."

Within the quote there are two parts and a "same" The two parts need to
be separated somehow. I would write it (and sign it, too) as a spatial
comparison; on the right, the 1st "me" thru the 2nd "you.
On the left, from "my" through the last "rule"
I would put "same" at the end--as the next to last sign, just before the
last "quote". I'm not sure though if it should go in the middle or on the
left side.

If writing horizontally, much harder; I think we could use the shoulder
line to break it up that same way...?

Also, if we use the spatial comparison like that I wouldn't think we need
to sign "said" necessarily. We could just leave it out.

Last, I'm puzzled by some of the grammar. In the 2nd clause,
in the 1st three signs I see a sequence of subject, object verb, which is
an order we shouldn't have. It seems OK if "me" is topicalized (raised
eyebrows) but then it is [you appoint me], instead of [I appoint you].
I'm confused by that part.

So that's my impression, but I'm not a native signer. Lourdes, how would
you write it?

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