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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu May 13, 1999  11:05 pm
Subject:  Re: SW Workbook based on Signing Naturally

>LOL!! Joe is right Valerie, you do a tremendous amount of work as it is!!
>But, I think it would be a wonderful idea to update the workbook IF& WHEN you
>ever get caught up and have the extra time. I know the Signing Naturally
>series are some of the more popular textbooks and videos used in begining ASL
>classes, and I personally have used SN2. By enabling an ASL student to match
>their work in a SN workbook along with a SignWriting workbook, I think it
>would be really simple to then learn how to write the specific sign since
>it's something they're already practicing.
> Delora Parks


I guess I really have a reputation for doing too much! Oh well. We can all
change, so I will try!

Meanwhile one of our DAC members just offered to help me to improve the old
workbook - so that is great! We will keep you all may not be
that bad a job with people pitching in and working together. And of course
the DAC members are terrific to work with, because they teach ASL

Tonight I am working on posting two technical articles on the web - one is
on mouth movements and facial expressions. A linguist in Sweden wrote and
asked specifically for this information for a linguistics class he is
teaching. I was surprised, because historically Denmark and Norway chose to
use SignWriting, but Sweden decided to use another notating system they had
developed themselves (for linguistic purposes).... nothing like
SignWriting. But they apparently are now accessing our web site and
printing out SignWriting symbols and showing them in their linguistic
classes! What a surprise!

The other article is for the Brazilian dictionary, which is using
SignWriting ...the Brazilian team has been waiting patiently for
information on writing sequential finger movements. We can write this, but
some of the symbols are new, and some are used in other countries
differently by different people! Such is life with writing systems! So I
will be presenting different ways of writing the same movements, and then
people can choose what they like, and slowly someday, through usage,"one
way" will "win". I will enjoy sharing this with you later.

So back to the grind - and thanks Joe for the comments about the grammar in
the Bible verse. I look forward to studying it!

Valerie :-)

Valerie Sutton


The DAC, Deaf Action Committee for SW
Center For Sutton Movement Writing
an educational nonprofit organization
Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA

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