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From:  Deborah Holden
Date:  Fri May 14, 1999  3:14 pm
Subject:  Re: Color Coding SW Symbols

Here are my thoughts, Valerie.

> There is a chance that with a more sophisticated computer program, such as
> SignWriter 5.0, that color coding could be a "choice" when printing. If
> that feature becomes available, it would be a help to teachers of Deaf
> children, don't you think?
> ( I want to say that I think the colors will really help the students to
> learn SW quicker. For young children it is visually pleasing too. )
> Right now of course, it is a lot of work because I am coloring each symbol
> manually through a paint program - but no complaints - it is fun and the
> color seems to help some people - and that is all that matters!

( I really appreciate all your time. I like to colors on the computer but
I haven't figured out how to print it in color so my student haven't seen it
in color yet but I think it's a great idea.)

I also use the signing naturally course with my ASL students. I think it
would be a great help if there was a SW workbook to go with it. But I also
agreed that you do so much work already I have a hard time figuring out how
you do it all now without adding more to it.

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