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From:  John C McReynolds
Date:  Fri May 14, 1999  4:27 pm
Subject:  Re: informaion for Homeschooling.

Dear Valerie,
I can barely keep up with all the excitement That's going on with the SignWriting List this has been great news about books and such. especially the new Italian member. Both my grandparents were born in Italy.

I just wanted to comment on some of the emails I've been reading...

I love the fact that there is so much activity on the SignWriting Project with new people coming on board all the time..

I did a interesting thing the other day to see where she was with recognizing the SignWriting. I used one Sign Writing symbol and three pictures. Just to see how clearly she was reading the SignWriting she hit 7 out 10 times, She caught on rather fast and loved the challenge..

I'm still just introducing the concept of SignWriting as a means of communication and trying to change 11 years of mostly (SEE) Signing Exact English. The encouraging thing is the speed and enthusiasm that she has for the project.

Any other suggestions I can incorporate this in a light setting?
Dawn McReynolds

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