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From:  Cynthia LW Frey
Date:  Sun May 16, 1999  9:50 pm
Subject:  Re: Answers for Valarie and Wayne

Forgive me for taking advantage of this forum for a need for our school.
Many of our students are in vocational classes for which we find few if
any signs, notably for auto services technology. Does anyone know where
we can find a technical sign book for auto tech?
Cynthia Frey
On Sun, 9 May 1999 21:29:23 EDT Dawn Jones writes:
>In a message dated 5/8/99 6:33:07 PM Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
><< Where do you interpret and how are you thinking of using
>SignWriting with
> your work? >>
>Hi Valerie,
>I work at Northern Illinois University. I'm thinking of using
>SignWriting to
>keep a record of new ASL vocabulary. We have a large vocabulary file
>in our
>office but often the English descriptions of signs are unclear or
> Some of my co-workers and I plan to learn SignWriting so we can
>information more precisely.
>Hi Wayne,
>I'm sorry I don't know the reference for the children of Deaf adults
>I heard it on a radio news report about a year ago and I don't
>remember who
>conducted the reasearch. I wish I could be more helpful.

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