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From:  "Wayne H. Smith"
Date:  Thu May 27, 1999  10:45 pm
Subject:  Re: New SignWriter Features?

Valerie wrote:

>In regards to number 1, above....I believe that feature is already in
>SignWriter 4.3. Have you tried to stay in the dictionary? Did you know that
>you can type new signs directly in the dictionary? The dictionary is like a
>"mini" typing program - you can change to Fingerspelling Mode right in the
>dictionary and type totally new signs right there. Then press the PageDown
>or the PageUp keys to scroll to the next sign you want to change, change
>that sign and continue on and on. Then hit the Escape key to leave the
>dictionary. When you return to the dictionary later, you will find all your
>changes are made.
>However, I will think this through to see if we can make it easier. At the
>moment, once we are in the dictionary, we cannot "search for another sign
>by typing a word". You have to use the PageUp and Down keys to scroll - so
>that is what might have confused you. So I will try to make the dictionary
>"searchable by words" even once you are "inside the dictionary". Plus I
>will think through other problems related to the issue of "remaining and
>working inside the dictionary".

Wayne writes:

Maybe I didn't make myself clear. It's not when I'm inputting signs
into the dictionary, but rather when I'm typing out a document say in ASL
for a class I'm teaching here, and I have to hit Alt-D before the English
name of each sign because as soon as I hit Enter to insert it into the
document, I'm out of dictionary mode. Is it possible to insert signs into
the document yet still remain in dictionary mode ready to type the name of
the next sign? Or do I have to keep hitting Alt-D before the name of each
sign? Obviously I can deal with it the way it is, but I'm trying to
streamline things for the next (5.0) version.

I did think of one more thing. This idea originally hit me a couple of
weeks ago, then I lost it, and it just came back to me again this afternoon.
I like the Ctrl-Home, Ctrl-Arrow functions very much in being able to
quickly move and center signs that I'm working on. Could there be a
Ctrl-Something key that will completely reverse a given sign or (better yet)
a given group of signs or even a complete document so that it would reflect
how a left-handed signer might produce the signs? I'm afraid the ASL
Dictionary that you have (SW001) had a right-handed bias. It would be great
if in one fell swoop a whole sign, sentence, or document could be reversed.

Well, enough for now.

- Wayne

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